The Master Admin of the account must connect Issuu, to make this available to end users. 

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that allows you to create 'flippable' PDF's on the screen, rather than scrolling through them.

First, the Master Admin will need an active ISSUU Account.

Login to the ISSUU account and access Account Settings.

 Click on the API tab on the right to access the API Key and API Secret.

Create New API Key for Image Relay

Copy both API tokens and login to Image Relay.
Add those values to the Issuu INTEGRATIONS panel under Admin / Account Settings

You will then be able to share to ISSUU from the detail view for any PDF using the Share option; 

Share / Apps and Social

This will create the flippable PDF "look" in Image Relay, and simultaneously publish the PDF to your Issuu account.

 Further Reading:
The Image Relay Glossary

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