Boolean operators are short words or symbols that when combined with keywords, can include or exclude certain results making your search more accurate. Image Relay supports several boolean operators in search queries, namely -,  +, and "" that you can type directly into the search box. 

 +  Including a plus sign directly before a word means that the word must be present.

 -  Including the minus sign directly before a word means that the word  must be excluded. 

 " " Indicates a phrase query (eg "red roses") which expects all of the terms in exactly the same order.

For example, this query: ice cream +chocolate -cone states that:

  • chocolate must be present

  • cone must not be present

  • ice and cream are optional — their presence increases the relevance. 

Reminder, a search term can be a single word ( ice or cream ), or a phrase surrounded by double quotes  "ice cream"  which then searches for all the words in the phrase, in the same order, in the same field.

You can also put the phrase following the + or the - in parentheses, furthering refining your results. 

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