Downloading is one of the key actions that folks will take in Image Relay as there are many times when you will want to get a file from the cloud to your desktop!

There are two easy ways to download a single file from your Image Relay library. To download via thumbnail, roll over the file icon, and click Download:

To download from the Details view, click on the Download icon in the top left:

Download Options

When downloading files, you have the option to download the original file or perform several file conversions.

File Format Conversions

When you download an image or Adobe file in Image Relay, you will have the option to convert the format of that image. Your options for download will include:

  • Original - The original file is always the highest resolution file, and if you are planning to do further editing in programs like Photoshop, it is your best choice.

  • JPEG - Appropriate file type for the web, easy to open on your computer.

  • PNG - Appropriate file type for the web, maintains background transparency if present.

For example, if the original file is a photoshop file, but you do not have that software on your computer, you can download the file as a jpeg.

You will not be able to convert video, audio, or PDF files.


When you download an image, you have the option to change the aspect ratio to a unique size for your needs, either as PNG or JPEG. The aspect ratio will be maintained here, you cannot crop it into a different shape.

Please note that you are only able to make a smaller size than the original image (making it larger would not look good!). For example, if the file is originally 2400px wide, you cannot make it 2600px wide.

Preset Sizes:

Image Relay will automatically allow users to grab preset dimensions from the original file.

  • Medium: Will set the max dimensions to 2100px and maintain proper aspect ratio. The dots per inch (DPI) will be set at 300.

  • Small: Will set the max dimensions to 720px and maintain proper aspect ratio. The dots per in (DPI) will be set at 72.

Download resolutions are dependent on your assigned permission. If you are not presented with the Original or Medium conversion options, then you have been granted low-resolution download access. If you require access to a higher resolution file, please reach out to your system admin under the HELP section at the top right of the screen.

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