With Image Relay's integration to Dropbox, you can pull files directly from your Dropbox account into your Image Relay library. This can make for a faster onboarding from one tool to another, or if you continue to use Dropbox, easy syncing of files from one system to another.

Dropbox is not included with every plan. If you would like access to the feature and don't see it in your Integrations Marketplace, please email sales@imagerelay.com.

Connecting Dropbox

1. Go to Tools > Integrations. If you do not see this option, you may not have the correct permissions. Please speak with your internal admin.

2. If Dropbox has been added to your account, you will see a tile that looks like this:

3. Click on the tile, and then hit "Connect App." Image Relay will already be connected, but you will then have the opportunity to connect your Dropbox account. Enter the required Dropbox credentials.

4. The system will then load the required credentials, this may take a few minutes. You will then have the option to configure which folders you would like to sync. You may want to set up a specific Dropbox folder in your library ahead of time, or you can choose an existing folder.

5. Finally, you will have the option to schedule how often the folder syncs. This can range from every 30 minutes to every day, with the option to pause. Once you have selected the frequency, click Save and Sync Now.

Once your app has been configured, you will have the option to go in and re-configure the connection, updating the folders that are synced as well as how often.

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