The Image Relay WordPress integration allows you to add assets directly to your WordPress site from your Image Relay library. By adding the plug-in to your WordPress site, you will no longer need to download from Image Relay and upload into WordPress, saving time and effort!

Download the Plug-In

The WordPress plugin is linked to certain Image Relay plans, so please email to inquire about the plugin. If you are not on a plan that supports the WordPress plug-in, sales will be able to assist.

Install the Plug-In on your WordPress site

Navigate to the Plugins section on your WordPress site* (on the lefthand navigation bar). Click "Add New" which is next to the Plugins header at the top:

On the next screen, you will see an option to "Upload Plugin." Using that button you can then upload the plugin that you have been sent from the Image Relay team.

Once you have uploaded the new plugin and it has been successfully installed, you will then be able to access it when creating a new post.

*Wordpress requires a Paid plan in order to utilize plug-ins

Using the Plugin

Create a new post or page on your site. Once you are on that page, choose "Add Media."

On the media page, you will see the option to choose from your Image Relay library.

There you will be able to scroll through your library, click into folders, and choose an asset. Once you have chosen an asset, you have the option to add alt text, title, caption, change the size, and adjust the alignment of the image.

After you have chosen an asset from Image Relay, that asset will then also be stored in your Media Gallery.

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