Canva ( is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. The platform includes templates for users to use, is free to use, and also offers paid subscriptions for additional functionality.

Image Relay users may now add an Image Relay integration to their Canva platform to access approved imagery from their Image Relay library when working on Canva or company-provided templates.

Adding the Integration

To add the Image Relay integration to your Canva instance first log into your Canva account

To access your Image Relay content to add to a template first search MORE at the left-hand navigation, then search "IMAGE RELAY" in the search bar.

The first time you do this you will need to click CONNECT to authenticate your Image Relay account inside Canva.

You will be prompted for an API KEY. To get this Image Relay API KEY open a new browser tab and log into your Image Relay library, and go to MY ACCOUNT;

Go To API KEYS at bottom of page, then click CREATE NEW API KEY:

Enter a name (for example CANVA) to reference later then GENERATE API KEY:

Click COPY to copy the API KEY from the window:

Then return to Canva and paste in the API KEY to authenticate your connection:

You can now access your Image Relay content to add at the template level.

You can navigate your Image Relay folder structure to find content or use the Search bar to bring back content based on Image Relay metadata and search terms.

Save Back to Image Relay

Once your template is done, you can save it back to Image Relay from Canva.

Select the Image Relay icon from the --- menu next to "Download".

Once Image Relay is selected, you can navigate your folder structure to save the file back to your Image Relay library.

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