With our Adobe integration, you can connect your Image Relay Library directly to Adobe's Photoshop application. Create new files in Photoshop and save them to Image Relay, or open up files directly from Image Relay, edit, and save them back.

Installing the Adobe Extension

Before you can use the extension, you will need to add it to your Adobe application and create an API key in Image Relay.

You can find detailed instructions on creating an API key in this article.

To download the Adobe extension, please contact sales@imagerelay.com.

Once you have installed the extension and created an API key, you will be prompted to enter the API key the first time you open the extension in Photoshop.

Opening Files in Photoshop

Once you are logged into Image Relay, you will have the option to browse the folders and assets in your library, or use the search and refine tools:

Once you find the asset you need, you will have the option to open it as a layer or on its own:

You also have the option to create a new file in Photoshop, and then save it to Image Relay, instead of opening an existing Image Relay file.

Saving Files to Image Relay

Before saving a file to Image Relay, you will need to save the file to your network or desktop using the Photoshop > Save button. This can be a temporary location, you do not need to keep the original.

Once you have saved it locally, you will be able to hit the "Save active file to Image Relay" button. The active file is the file that you are currently viewing in Photoshop.

You will then have the option to save as a new file in the library (and pick its location) or update an existing file (and choose the file):

The file will then be uploaded to Image Relay, and show upload progress and confirmation on the screen:

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