Image Relay has recently launched a new artificial intelligence tagging feature to help automatically tag images in your library. You will see this option under Admin > Metadata Tools, but to function, it will have to be turned on by the sales team for an extra charge. To turn on AI tagging, please contact

What is AI Tagging?

When AI Tagging is turned on, images that you upload (JPEGs and PNGs) are run through a tool that automatically adds Tags to the images that become searchable in your library. Only Tags that rank with a 70% confidence or above will show.

What kind of tags are Created?

The Tags that AI tagging creates are broad tags based on the subjects of the photo. Examples might be "City," "Dog," "Electronics," or "Pottery." It will not add business-specific tags such as product names, specific building names, or people. Those are still best managed through Image Relay's manual tagging.

Managing AI Tags

Once the Tags have been created, there are several ways to manage the tags in the system at the individual asset level or at the broader system level.

Individual Asset

To remove a tag from an individual asset simply click the "X" next to the tag you want to remove:


If there is a Tag you don't want to show up anywhere in your system, go to Admin > Metadata Tools > AI Tags. You will see the option to "Hide" a tag on the far right.

If you would like to restore a tag that you previously hid, go to Admin > Metadata Tools > Hidden AI Tags. You will have the option on the far right to make the AI tags visible.

To turn on AI tagging in your system, please email

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