Permissions are a key aspect of digital asset management. They allow you to precisely control who sees what within your system and ensure that the right content is presented to the right people.

Within Image Relay, permissions are controlled at the folder level, and there are several ways to set and review what permission levels can see each folder. The primary settings are under the Admin Panel in Users and Permissions. There you can get a birds-eye view of each permission level, and go through each folder and sub-folder to make sure it is correct. You can read more about that here.

But another great tool is viewing permissions at the folder level from within your library. As an admin, you can simply choose which folder you want to look at, review the permissions, and add or subtract certain permission levels from the category. It's very easy and very useful!

Folder Level Permissions

1. Hover over the thumbnail or name of the folder in the left-hand panel. Select the "..."

2. Choose the "Folder Permissions" Option

3. The permissions for that specific folder will pop up, show who has access and what kind of access they have:

4. You can add by clicking the plus sign next to the permission level on the right-hand side. You can remove access by clicking the garbage can. You can also control download access, download resolution, and Admin Access if you have the "Limited Admin" feature.

5. Click "Save" when you are done and your folder permission settings will be updated.

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