Uploading from your mobile device to your Image Relay library is fast and easy. Using Image Relays mobile responsive website, you can get your files exactly where they need to be and add metadata in the process. 

How to Upload From a Mobile Device

Start by clicking into the folder that you would like to upload to (remember you must be in a folder to upload). Choose the upload button to start the upload process: 

The uploader will pop open in a new window. There you can choose a file from your library, or you can take a photo. 

Once you choose your files, you will have the option to add metadata in bulk, or to individual files. 

You can choose to add metadata, tags, or expiration dates using the three buttons at the bottom. 

When you have added your metadata, hit the upload button in the top right corner. 

When you are finished, you will see your your uploads as 100% complete. Click Done, and the screen will reload with the new files in your library. 

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