Please note, only the Master Admins can edit this feature.  Request Account is a feature included with Professional and Enterprise plans.

Professional and Enterprise plans come with an option to turn on the “Request Account” feature which allows users to request an account from the front page of your Image Relay library. This may also be hidden if preferred.

These requests can then either be automatically approved into a permissions level you have set, or you can approve them manually and assign them to any permission level you choose.  If you are interested in turning on this feature, please contact

If this feature is available, you will find the settings for it under Admin > Account Settings > Customize Portal. All of the settings are under the User Registration piece. You will be able to enter the email(s) of the person you would like to be notified about new users, turn auto-approve on or off, and set a permission level. You can also customize the registration fields that new users must fill in in order to collection different information. 

Once a Request is made, it will be stored in PENDING USERS.  Admins can activate these account requests by approving them and assigning them a proper permission.

  1. Go the to Admin Tab and choose Users and Permissions

  2. Click on Pending Users along the lefthand side. 

  3. Find the user you are looking for and click on their name.

  4. Assign them a permission level and click Approve. Once you have done this they will be automatically sent an email detailing their account information. They will then be listed in the Active User list.

You may also Decline a pending user if you wish. They will receive no further contact from you in that case.

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