The in-app uploader is how most clients upload their files to Image Relay. You can upload up to 1000 files, or 20GB per upload.

Please note that only admins and limited admins have the ability to upload. If you do not see the upload button but think you need to, please contact your internal admin to check your permissions. 

Using the Uploader

To launch the uploader, hit the upload button at the top of the screen. You must be in a folder to uploader. Alternatively, if you are using Chrome or Safari, you can drag files into the screen to launch the uploader.

The uploader will launch and you will see this window: 

 Click the "Add Files" or "Add Folders" option to add more assets to your uploads. 

Adding Metadata 

Once you select files to upload, you can choose to add metadata in bulk (the default option), or by picking individual assets. 

Metadata Options: 

  • The first option for metadata is in your metadata fields which will be Caption, Description, and Date for the Start-Up and Growth plans. Professional and Enterprise plans will see their custom metadata fields here. 

  • You can add Tags to your asset at the point of upload - a new feature. Simply click on the Tag feature and add as many as you need. 

  • Choose an expiration date for one or all assets. The assets will be unavailable to download once the expiration date arrives, although users will be able to see them. 

When you click Upload, you will see a new progress window pop-up: 

A progress window will also appear at the bottom if your library screen. When the upload is finished, it will say "Done." You can also choose to upload more from that bar. 

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