Note: This article applies only to those clients with Single Sign On (SSO) engaged.

Your team is always expanding. You have new staff and photographers or other employees who could benefit from accessing your portal, whether to upload their content directly or to download files. Set up their account before they hit the library so they are given a custom permission.

When you create an SSO account the user does not get an email alert.  This creation process then may be done ahead of any roll out.  Alternatives for account creation are to enable Just In TIme (JIT) employee account provisioning, or working with the Image Relay support staff to create SSO user accounts in bulk.  Email for more info.

To create a user account for an employee;

  1. Go to Admin at the top of the page.

  2. Click on Users & Permissions in the dropdown. 

  3. Click Create SSO User

  4. Fill out the new user's email address - this will become their username - this is what authenticates them to SSO.

  5. Assign the permission level that you want them to have. 

  6. Click Save.

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