Permissions are a central aspect of managing your Image Relay library.
Every Image Relay account allows you to make an unlimited number of Basic Permissions and Basic Users generally make up the majority of users accessing most libraries. The Basic Users permissions can vary, but generally they can search, download, share and create collections. Read more on the specifics below. 


This is the you will first see when you go to "Create New Permission." 


Choose something very specific. As mentioned earlier, you can create an unlimited number of Basic Permission Levels, so being very specific will help you keep track of them. Some example are: 

  • Basic - Branding and Photography. In this title we know that the permission is Basic, and that this permission can access the Branding and Photography folders. 

  • Basic - East Coast Reps.  we know that this is the permission that we will give to all of our East Coast Reps. 

  • Basic - Sunglasses, Hats, Branding. In this permission level, we know that users with this permission level will only see the Sunglasses, Hats and Branding folders. 

Folder Access: 

Note: You will have to hit save on your Permission before the folder access window appears. 

View Folder

  • The checkmark next to the folder name determines if the user will be able to see that folder. If the folder is not checked, it will not be visible to the user. In this example they can see the Flowers, Cats, Logo, Font, News and Press, Projects and Website folders. 

  • If you check a top level folder, the user will be able to see all other folders in it unless you change the setting. 

Download Access  

Download Access determines whether users have the capability to download assets in the folder or if they are view only. 

Download Resolution 

Download Resolution determines the resolution that users can download files in. The options are High, Medium and Low. For example, if you just want users to review files and not use them for print, you may want to set access at medium or low. 

Request Files

When this setting is turned on for a folder, a user will have to fill out a request form in order to download the files. The request form will then be approved by you and the files sent. 

Additional Options

In the Additional Options Section you can fine tune access to certain features that Basic Users can perform. 

  • Not required to fill out download information - If you would like someone's information every-time they want to download, uncheck this box. You may get a lot of emails however!

  • Ability to send a collection that does not require download information. When this is checked, basic users can create a collection and send it too anyone they choose, who can then download. Turn this on for more security. 

  • Download Agreement approval is only required when it is updated. If you turn this off, the download agreement will pop up every time someone downloads. 

  • Create Quick Links - When checked allows the user to create links to share with other outside of the organization. These can be made view only or download. 

  • Create Folder Links  - When this is on users can share whole folders that can be view only or download. 

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