One of the most powerful tools in your Image Relay library is permissions. Using permissions, you can regulate who has access to which materials in your library, who can upload, who can add or delete folders, and much more. 

Creating Permissions

When creating permissions, some important things to keep in mind are the roles and responsibilities of your users. Are they simply looking to find and download images to use in other projects, or are they asset creators who need to upload on a regular basis. You will also want to think about different regions, departments, or clients depending on your business. 

In order to set permissions, you will need your folder structure to be in place as permissions are based on the folders. In Image Relay there are three types of permissions levels which you can then customize. All plans come with Basic and Total Admin. The Enterprise edition comes with Limited Admin, which can also be added to a plan. 

Basic Permissions 

In every Image Relay plan you can create unlimited basic permissions. Some organizations have just a few Basic groups, while others have fifty to one hundred! Basic permissions allow people to search, review and download, and they can also create share links if you allow. 

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Depending on your plan, you will have anywhere from one to an unlimited number of Admins. You can check the specifics of your contract to be sure. The main function that differentiates Admins from Basic users is the ability to upload. Depending on their settings, Admins can tag and edit content, move folders, administer versions, delete files and more. 

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Limited Admin 

Limited Admin is currently only available to Enterprise plans and as a special add-on. Limited admin allows you to give Admin permissions to specific folders rather than the whole library. With the Limited Admin setting, you can allow a user to view and download in certain parts of the library, but administer only specific folders. For example, this is a great feature  for people who work at certain locations and need to administer only that content, or for photographers who need to administer their work, but not the rest of the library. If you like to add Limited Admin to your plan, please contact

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Master Admin

There is one Master Admin for each Image Relay library. They have some special admin settings that only they can see which includes branding the portal, handling billing, setting up the upload and user agreements and several other tasks. They will also choose if the other Admins are allowed to change user permissions. If you are reading this intro you may be the master admin yourself!

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Inviting Users

Once you have your permissions set up, it’s time to invite your users! Depending on how many users you have, you can do this individually or in bulk. If you would like to invite in bulk, please email and we can help you. To invite individually, you will need a users name, email and company, and you will assign them a permission level before you invite them. Read more on inviting users and pending states below. 

Request Account

Some plans come with an option to turn on the “Request Account” feature which allows users to request an account from the front page of your Image Relay library. They can then either be automatically approved into a permissions level you have set, or you can approve them manually and assign them to a permission level. If you are interested in turning on this feature, please contact

If this option is turned on, you will find the setting for it under Admin > Account Settings > Customize Portal. All of the settings are under the User Registration piece. You will be able to enter the email(s) of the person you would like to be notified about new users, turn auto-approve on or off, and set a permission level. You can also customize the registration fields that new users must fill in in order to collection different information. 

Single Sign-On

Single Sign On (SSO) is offered as an additional option to users with the Professional Plan, and is included with the Enterprise plans. SSO allows users to use their company-wide credentials to login to Image Relay, offering greater security and ease of use. If you are interested in turning on SSO, please email

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