You’re nearing the finish line and ready to populate your Image Relay library. There are several ways you can go about getting your assets into the system depending on your circumstances. 

Web Uploader 

If your folder structure is fully established, you have gathered and assessed your assets, and you have everything on your own hard drive, you can upload your files directly to where they will live using the web uploader. As you upload you can add descriptions and metadata in the web uploader, or you can add descriptions individually or in bulk directly from the library. 

You may upload entire folders and subfolders of files if using Chrome or FireFox as your browser. With Internet Explorer, Safari and other browsers, you can upload many files, but you cannot upload the folder itself. Please note that the biggest single file you can upload is 20GB. Single files larger than that may fail, or not show a preview. However, you can upload many files that are smaller at one time, up to 1000 or 20 GB.

Read more about the different methods of uploading and adding metadata:

Desktop Uploader

Image Relay provides a Desktop Uploader App that you can find in the Apple and Microsoft App stores which you can download to your computer. Using the Desktop Uploader, you can upload assets to your Image Relay Library without logging into the app. It also allows you to upload a large number of assets and have it work in the background while you move on to other work!

To download the app, visit the Microsoft App Store or the Mac App Store to download the right version for your machine. Once downloaded, you will be prompted to log in with your Image Relay credentials, you may then begin uploading.  

Another way to get files into the system is to share an upload link. This allows basic users or individuals outside of your organization to upload files. You can send them a link directly to a specific folder if you know where the files are supposed to go. Another option is to create an Ingest Folder, which is a great place to store files that you can then review, tag, and then move into their appropriate folders in the library. 

Hard Drive Upload 

For clients with over 1T of initial materials, you may engage Image Relay to receive a hard drive of your materials and we will complete the upload process for you. Please get in touch with your implementation specialist to further discuss the details of this method. 

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