Branding is an important first step in making your Image Relay library you own. Adding your organization's logo, color, and customizing the background image on the login page signals to your users that you are committed to integrating Digital Asset Management into your workflow and fully taking ownership of the system. 

Branding the library also allows you to control not only the message but also the messaging. Some people choose to call it the "DAM," while others go with "Asset Library" or "Digital Library." The custom welcome language on the login page allows you to standardize what you choose to refer to your Image Relay portal as. 

The portal logo, background, colors and portal name settings can all be found in the Account Settings section under Admin. These settings can only be changed by the Master Admin. 

Portal Name

If your logo does name have your organization's name,  you may want to put it here. Many clients add text such as "Welcome to the Digital Library" or "Please login to the asset library." You can also choose not to show this field. 

Show off your logo and make sure everyone knows whose library they are in! The maximum size of the file you can upload here is 800kb and the optimal size is 200x75px. If the file is larger, you will receive an error when you save. It is recommended that you use a horizontal version of your logo

  1. Click Choose File.

  2. Select the file you wish to be your company's logo. The logo you select will immediately pop up as your portal's new logo.

  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Portal Background

This is a great change to highlight some photography from you organization and make your sign-in page memorable. The maximum file size is 5MB and the optimal size is 2560x1440px. If you upload a larger file you will get an error when you save. 

  1. Click Choose File.

  2. Select the image you wish to appear as your portal login background.

  3. You can then preview how your new background image will look by clicking Portal Preview at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click Save.

Portal Color

Choose a portal highlight color from your organizations color scheme or choose one that highlights your logo. All buttons and rollover links will show up in this color on your portal. Try to choose a color that is accessible to everyone, including those with visual impairments. You can check if your color is accessible on this website.

  1. Click on the rectangle below Button Color.

  2. You can then choose the color of the portal buttons and of the rollover states for links. It should automatically update your portal once you have chosen an accent color.

  3. Click Save.

Next Step: Terms and Conditions and Upload Agreement 

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