New files under 2G uploaded to Image Relay will be checked against existing assets on the system in order to detect duplicates. A duplicate is independent of filename, but instead depends on the MD5 hash (like a fingerprint for a file). In this way, resized files would not be duplicates. The 2G check limit is to speed processing - thus files over 2G will be subject to a different duplicate check process.  

If a duplicate is detected, you will receive an email noting which assets are duplicates. You can then search for the wanted assets and edit or delete as needed.

Syncing and Copying

Instead of uploading duplicate files to your Image Relay portal, instead think about syncing files to multiple folders. That way, when you update the information on one file, it will be updated across the system. Read more about syncing.

If you do truly want a second copy of your file in the system, you can also use the Copy button. Read more about copies.

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