Please note, only admins with the appropriate permissions can create Tag Sets. Tag Sets are only available to the Growth, Professional and Enterprise plans. 

Tag Sets allow you to create a controlled vocabulary in your Image Relay Library. Controlled vocabularies are a standardized and organized set of words that provide a consistent way to describe your assets and improve your metadata. When you use a controlled vocabulary, it becomes much easier to search and bring back accurate results. 

Tag Sets are arranged by broader topics (the Set Name), and the words in that set are used to Tag your files. So if your Tag Set was called "Animals," you could then enter cat, dog, mouse, elephant and moose as tags. If your Keyword Set was "Locations", you could enter New York, Chicago, Boston and Dallas as options. 

Creating a Tag Set: 

  1. Click the Admin drop down menu in the upper navigation bar.

  2. Click Metadata Tools.

  3. Click Create New on the upper right hand side of the table.

  4. Name the keyword set. This name will not show up as a Tag but is used to identify the Set. 

  5. Type out the Tag you like to use. 

  6. Click Add Tag after each one to add that keyword/tag to the set.

  7. Click Save.

Adding Tags to Assets: 

Each of the Tags that you create can be used to Tag an asset. When you Tag an asset, a hyperlink is created that associates all assets with the same Tag across the system. When you click on the hyperlink, anything with that Tag will pop up. You can Tag items individually or in bulk. 

Tagging a Single Asset - Detail View

  1. Find the asset you would like to Tag. 

  2. In the Tags section of the template, click the edit button shaped like a pencil. 

  3. Start to type the Tag and a list will drop down to choose from. 

  4. When you have added all the Tags you need, click Save. 

Tagging a Single Asset - Thumbnail View

  1. Find the asset you would like to Tag. 

  2. Click on the ... ellipses to see more options. 

  3. Choose Add Tags

  4. A screen will pop up where you can choose the Tags from your Tag Set. 

  5. Choose as many Tags as you need. Click Add Tags when you are done. 

Tagging Multiple Assets

  1. Find the files that you want to update and select them by checking the box in the upper left corner of the thumbnail or by using the black drop-down bar to add everything on the page or in the folder. Please note, if you have more than one page of assets, hitting the "select all" option at the top left will only add the assets on the page that is currently being viewed.

  2. Click on the "More" button on the right side of the black drop-down bar. 

  3. Click Add Tags to add new Tags from your Tag Set.

  4. A screen will pop up that will allow you to add Tags from a drop down list (see below). Choose the plus sign and add as many as you need. 

  5. When you are finished, clock Add Tags. 

Searching with Tags

Once you have established your Tag Sets and have added them to your assets, you can use them to perform an advanced search. 

  1. Scroll down on the search panel which is on the ride side of the screen. They you will see a Tags option. 

  2. Click the plus sign to drop down the list of Tag options. 

  3. Select one or many Tags that you would like to search with. 

  4. Click Add. When you do this a new search with the Tags you have selected will appear. 

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