Teams working in different countries, or on different campaigns often need to administer their own folders, in fact they should! This empowers users and fosters information governance with accountability. 

However Site Admins may not want those users to have Admin control of every single folder these teams see. We do offer an additional third type of Limited Admin role to achieve this stratification of permissions. 

For example: you may have a European team that needs to control their own country assets but may not be responsible for global assets (logos, marketing plans, etc).
Now Team Europe sees all the folders they need with one log-in, but can upload and move and delete files ONLY in their European folders. 

When Team Europe is in their own folder structure they now have complete administrative control. 

Limited Admins cannot inadvertently create a top-level folder. Limited Admins have total control to only the folders YOU specify, and Basic access to the rest. The best of both worlds. 

If you would like this feature added please contact 

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