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Importing metadata to fields relies on unique filenames in your library to map the information. You may download a list of your current filenames and current metadata per folder structure or create your own sheet to begin the import.

To download a sheet of current filenames use EXPORT DATA TO CSV at the required folder level.

If you require the filenames and information relating to all files in all subfolders of the chosen folder click Include Sub-Folders. A csv will be emailed to you. This csv will note the filepath/filename which is all you need to proceed. We also recommend you use the option for "Only metadata"

  1. Columns must match your Asset Profile fields; e.g. Filename, Description, Keywords, Date. They must be typed out exactly as in the fields on your portal. Please see the image details below.

  2. In the spreadsheet fill in the information you would like to import with the corresponding file name.
    NOTE: There is a limit of 10k rows per import. If you have more than 10k rows to import, just break it up into multiple CSV documents.

You may download an empty, editable, preformatted UTF-8 CSV here. Or to produce a blank UTF-8 encoded CSV file for import follow these steps:

MS Excel

1. Open the *.xlsx file from MS Excel
2. Click Menu > Save As
3. Put any name for the file and choose "Unicode Text (*.txt)" for "Save as type :" and Click Save
4. Open the unicode text file using Microsoft Notepad. Some characters might appear as a box, this is because Notepad cannot display some unicode characters, so you can ignore this at this point.
5. It must be the tab delimited file. Replace tabs with comma(",").

Mac Numbers
If using Mac Numbers to create your spreadsheet you may simply click File > Export and choose CSV > UTF-8 as the format.

Once you have created your CSV, and filled out the necessary fields and metadata you may upload it, using the Import Keyword metadata tool on the folder drop down menu. 

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