This feature is available on Professional and Enterprise plans with through Metadata Templates. 

Image Relay uses the IPTC metadata standard to map embedded metadata to fields. IPTC information is metadata that is frequently embedded in a photograph or other digital asset. Simple IPTC information can frequently be found on photos taken by your digital camera or phone including date taken and type of device. However many photographers and designers frequently include more advanced metadata on assets including locations, rights restrictions, subjects and much more. 

Mapping IPTC Data

You can map these IPTC fields to your template fields and the information will automatically populate upon upload. 

  1. Go to Admin in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click Metadata Tools, and then Templates. Find the Template you wish to edit. 

  3. Choose the field you would like to link data to. Start to type the name of the IPTC field under the "Mapped IPTC Field" column.

  4. A name of fields will start to generate. Choose the field you wish to map. You can map as many fields as you need. 

  5. Note: If you map a Text Field to an IPTC field, all content that is in that IPTC field will be the mapped automatically upon upload. If you map a Single Select Field to an IPTC field, the system will search for terms that match those you have entered in the controlled term list. If a match is found, it will choose that term. If none are found, it will remain blank. 

  6. Click Update. 

Now, when files are uploaded, the searchable embedded information will be automatically applied to the visible fields of the asset in the Details view, without any additional data entry required.

Supported IPTC Fields

The IPTC fields that Image Relay Supports for mapping are: 

  • FileSize

  • FileType

  • MIMEType

  • ImageDescription

  • DateTimeOriginal

  • Date Created

  • Make

  • Model

  • Orientation

  • X Resolution

  • Y Resolution

  • Resolution Unit

  • Software

  • Artist

  • Copyright

  • Caption-Abstract

  • Writer-Editor

  • SpecialInstructions

  • By-line

  • BylineTitle

  • Object Name

  • Sub-Location

  • Province-State

  • Country-PrimaryLocationName

  • Country-PrimaryLocationCode

  • Keywords

  • CopyrightNotice

  • CreatorTool

  • AuthorsPosition

  • City

  • State

  • Country

  • Headline

  • CaptionWriter

  • TransmissionReference

  • Instructions

  • Credit

  • Source

  • Format

  • IntellectualGenre

  • Location

  • CountryCode

  • Creator

  • Description

  • Subject

  • Title

  • Rights

  • UsageTerms

  • CreatorAddress

  • CreatorCity

  • CreatorRegion

  • CreatorPostalCode

  • CreatorCountry

  • CreatorWorkTelephone

  • CreatorWorkEmail

  • CreatorWorkURL

  • Scene

  • Subject Code

  • FrameRate

  • VideoFrameRate

  • Duration

  • PlayDuration

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