This action can only be performed by admins. 

Over time you make need to remove users from your system. In some cases  there may be links connected to a user account that need to be preserved even though the user is gone. Please see instructions below on both actions.

Deleting a User

  1. Click on Admin at the top of the page.  

  2. Go to Users & Permissions.

  3. Click Active Users.

  4. Find the account you wish to delete from the list. You can sort the columns alphabetically or you can Filter your list in the top bar to search the user's name, email, permission level. 

  5. Click the arrow to the right of the list.

  6. Choose Delete

By transferring links, the links will continue to stay live once the users is deleted. If you do not transfer the links, all links associated to that user will be gone forever. 

  1. Go to Admin and choose Active Users

  2. Click the arrow on the right of the screen.

  3. Choose Transfer Links

  4. Type the full name or username of the person you would like to transfer to and select their name from the drop down list. 

  5. Click Transfer. You will receive an email when the transfer is complete. 

  6. You can now proceed to Delete the user using the workflow above. 

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