Upload links are a fantastic way to allow users without upload capabilities or individuals without a login to upload directly to your Image Relay portal. This might be a vendor who has to deliver a logo or another large file, or a freelance photographer working on a shoot for your organization.  

Using upload links, you can choose exactly which folder you want someone to upload to. This also allows you to keep all files within your library, and eliminates the need to have someone transfer a file through another file sharing application. 

  1. Locate the folder you would like to create the link to either in the folder tree on the left side of the screen, or by clicking through the folder thumbnails. 

  2. Hover over the folder, and click on the Ellipse icon to the right of the name.

  3. Click on Create Upload Link.

  4. You can quickly grab the default link and send it off!

Purpose: You can specify the purpose of the upload link by entering information in this field. 

Tracking: When you turn tracking on, the uploader will be required to enter their name, email, and purpose of the upload. You will get more context on what is being uploaded and by whom. This information will be sent via email every time an upload has been made. 

Upload Agreement: Turn this feature on to be sure that the uploader sees the upload agreement every time they upload. 

Timestamp Folder: This feature will organize content into a unique folder with every upload. It will carry over the uploader's initials, time and date that the upload occurred. You will need to move it into another folder if you want to integrate it with other content.

Link Expiration: Turn this on if you would like the link to no longer be active after that specific date. 

Upload Link Tips: 

  • The link creator will be notified via email when content has been uploaded, including information on how many files were uploaded (and by whom if tracking information was requested).

  • An upload link can be use for multiple uploads in perpetuity by whoever has that link if no expiration date is set. For example, you could create "Jen's Upload Link" and Jen would be able to use that link for all of the content she needs to upload.

  • You can delete an upload link any time you need. Learn more on the managing links support page

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