March 17, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Optimize rendering of the library folder tree

  • Optimize speed throughout the library - faster page and asset loading

Bug Fixes:

  • When uploading from an iPad, fix the scrollable dropdown list

  • When downloading an attached file for a parent asset greater than 100MB - the backend thinks it should be emailed

February 24, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Remove 10k limit on exporting a month of download data, add user prompts

  • Add cache for PDF Previewer Assets so they are not served each time

Bug Fixes:

  • Cannot create a new Collection when using the "Collect" option on a single file in some cases

  • Trying to download an archived collection results in a server error

February 3, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Display number of files in a folder

  • Add client logo to new upload link

Bug Fixes:

  • Cannot add selection of collections to new bucket when no buckets exist

  • Replacing Thumbnails from Asset Detail Screen Allows SVG Files to Be Uploaded, causes bg failure

January 13, 2021

  • High res PNGs are now available for conversion during download

December 16, 2020

Features and Improvements:

  • Fix "stacked preview" feature in the uploader

  • Add Zip64 feature to all accounts

  • Add new Upload Link feature to free trial plan

  • Update the way long file names are previewed in list, asset detail, and thumbnail views

  • Update the hover function for filenames

  • Backfill dimensions for all HEIC and HEIF files for all clients


  • Fix inconsistent, sneaky bug with upload metadata, keywords, & expiration being dropped sometimes

  • On IE11, Popout has some CSS issues and opens a pretty small window

  • Asset Chooser UI broken when viewing empty folders while refine panel is visible

  • Basic users (with no download or share ability) can still export data to CSV

November 25, 2020

Features and Improvements:

  • Optimize large PNG thumbnails

  • Added tool to detect image orientation during thumbnail job


  • Uploading a folder with & in the title causes upload to stall out

  • The export audit report can fail in certain scenarios (user will never receive their export)

  • Folder uploads that contain failed file uploads display a misleading success checkmark

  • Some transparent .tif files show black background in IR

November 4th, 2020

Features and Improvements:

  • Subfolders retain permission levels when moved into new folders with different settings

  • Downloads: Improve the quality of screen ready JPG

  • Revisit and improve larger file size processing

  • Un-nest dialog keeps re-appearing from the selection bar after it's canceled

  • "Drag" messaging in uploader workspace is now browser/OS specific

  • Add Feature to override plan-based "multiple portals" boolean

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to Upload with New Upload Link on Mobile

  • Unable to add Tags with New Upload Link

  • Fixed sub-portal issue with SSO

October 13th, 2020

Features and Improvements:

  • Apply Web Uploader to Upload Links

  • Added "direct file link" to expired file email

  • Unroll all feature checks for icons and style overrides and make icons available to everyone

Bug Fixes:

  • Address users having assets in collections that they no longer have access to

  • Corruption error on very large zip files

  • Date filters on Download report allow you to select an invalid range (start date more recent than end date)

  • "Content owner" cannot access the calendar picker to update Expiration Date

  • Basic users cannot resolve searches in content owner refine panel

  • When 'timestamp subfolder' on in Upload Link - often blank folders created

September 22nd, 2020

Bug Fixes:

  • Mobile Uploader - Fix css in header icon when ehanced icons feature is on

  • Selection bar issue in collection chooser - if user refines the library without any assets selected

  • Fix EPS to JPEG conversion issue

  • User count does not update on new permission

September 2nd, 2020

Features and Improvments:

  • Handle files without extensions

  • Remove "no tags" prompt from Search box when nothing available

  • Buffed out the 2 weeks expiration email

Bug Fixes:

  • Write script to backfill missing width/height on all copied assets

  • Large Icon Styles for List View (they are broken currently)

  • Fix scenario where added text metadata does not save on upload (drag and drop)

  • Search Folder in Advanced Search not working in Collections

  • Refine panel toggle doesn't work when you "Add Assets" from within a Collection

  • Logged in users remain logged in after their account is deleted

  • Empty folder that contains another folder shows old icon

August 11th, 2020

Features and Improvements:

  • Limit the number of large selection downloads that a single user can have in the job queue at once

  • If add-on feature "Ability to assign content owners" is on, can also transfer owner in delete user area

  • Remove facebook link from customized emails

  • Implement new icon styles in uploader

  • Raise uploader limit frm 250 to 1000

  • Ability to view assets by Content Owner

Bug fixes:

  • After user is invited and registers, If public portal is on, the user is taken to the public portal root, not the login page

  • Problem Downloading from Collection when "Show in Downloads" and "user information is required" turned on

  • When creating an SSO Account in-app, add ability to choose all roles, not just SSO-Only

  • In asset detail (logged in), when you hide the sidebar the audio player slides off the screen

July 21st, 2020


Features and Improvements:

  • Add "Change Content Owner" feature to overflow menu in selection bar (with rules)

  • Add bandwidth and storage usage (from client billing) to admin reports dashboard

  • Link to support article from download modal

  • Implement new icons for small icons in the Library

  • Asset Detail Icon Styles (when no previews available)

Bug Fixes:

  • Copying assets doesn't copy the width/height

  • Asset Detail Icon Styles (when no previews available)

  • Select field options misaligned in Refinement when only 1 metadata template exists

June 23, 2020


Features and Improvements:

  • In the uploader, allow users to edit individual files within a folder

  • Fully remove "highlight_color" usage from everywhere except log in for usability reason

  • When receiving an email with file download link, the context has been added


  • Uploader Keywording - free trial clients cannot create keywords because they don't have API access. The error message shows as "tag already exists in set"

  • Cant add Collection to an existing bucket - from the dropdown menu

  • API endpoint to create a new asset from a URL doesn't support adding tags (see description for post-deploy actio

  • Nested folders that are not downloadable shouldn't be contained in a bulk download

  • Uploaded files not showing up in library when there's a large backlog of reindex jobs

  • Some legacy folder permissions are misconfigured. Investigate and repair

  • when attempting to move or sync a file selected from a file name search, error occurs in modal.

June 3, 2020


Features and Improvements:

  • Show disable "Download Folder" link with support article link when folders are too large

  • Move, Copy, Sync modal expands to currently active folder

  • Improve performance of previews in uploader

  • Improve reliability with HEIC/HEIF processing support

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug allowing users to launch the uploader when they shouldn't be able to

  • Fix bug when copying file that has select metadata fields not being copied

  • Fix bug with multi-page showcase collections where assets weren't "clickable"

  • Fix bug with uploads appearing to never finish for clients on Startup

May 17, 2020


Features and Improvements:

  • Add link on Asset Detail (in-app only) to file previews support article on assets that do not have a preview

  • Add tag set name to tags on asset detail

  • Add PSB files to list of image types for searching/filtering

  • Increase download limit for selections to up 20 G

Bug Fixes:

  • Address slowness in Uploader when window is unfocused

  • Improve reliability of image preview in uploader for rotated/scaled images

  • Use Portal "Customer Support" email in new help menu

April  21, 2020


Features and Improvements: 

  •  Improve speed reliability of color extraction from uploads

  • Add folder name to email subject when downloading a folder

  • Increase upper limit for large vile preview candidate files to 8 GB

  • Add support for processing .ai files on large file processor 

  • Add support for processing .sketch files

  • Add new medium graphics queue & move video processing to high graphics

Bug Fixes: 

  •  Improve error handling during adding new asset version & updating the thumbnail

  • Fix bug with upload link page not working for Internet Explorer users

March 31, 2020


Features and Improvements: 

  • Auto-rotate previews in uploader to match photo orientation

  • Add new Help menu in top right with Intercom launching feature

  • Fix bug with "Contact Master User" not being a link

  • Improve support for generating previews of large EPS files

  • Improve success rate for downloads (with conversion)

  • Dramatic performance boost to duplicate asset detection

  • Add asset library URL to Export Metadata CSV

  • Adjust permission restrictions for Content Ownership

  • Add new Large File Processor feature

  • Adjust behavior when editing individual metadata during upload

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fix permission issue in shared collections when collection creator permissions have changed

  • Increase success rate for upload processing

  • Remove non-latin1 characters from tags during Upload

  • Ensure download counts for quick links are incrementing during download

  • Fix bug when editing collections from the Public Portal admin screen

  • Ensure downloading from multi-links increments download count

  • Remove non-latin1 characters from share link URLs to prevent errors

March 11, 2020


Features and Improvements: 

  • Add auto-sizing feature to metadata fields in uploader

  • Improve font support for docs in lambdas

  • Reduce max files in uploader from 500 to 250

  • Add support for processing JPGs that have CR2 extension

  • Add support for processing HEIC files with JPG extension


  • Fix bug where a user without sharing permissions could still share collections

  • Fix bug with creating new tag sets in uploader

  • Fix permission bug with adding existing tags in uploader

  • Improve UI when adding tags in uploader

  • Fix bug with quicklinks API when asset is missing

  • Fix bug with searching when prefixing search query with double

  • Fix bug with WebDAM import when files have non-latin characters

  • Fix download permissions bug with collections when in-app

February 18, 2020


Features and Improvements: 

  • Add a 'done' button to the upload pop out window

  • Add "Forgot Password" feature to

  • Add name (and ID) of exporting folder to report/export

  • Ability to delete a user if they have active links.

  • Add "Change Content Owner" feature to overflow menu (topbar) on asset detail (subtasks) 

  • Add "Change Content Owner" feature to overflow menu (asset item) in library (grid and list view) 

  • Add "Change Content Owner" feature to assets API 

  • Add Lambda and Video Transcoding features to Pro plan

  • Add web uploader to Pro Plan


  • Fix bug with reset password feature when Public Portal enabled

  • Download single asset failure when converting from large TIF to JPG

  • Fix bug with Download Selection when commas in folder name

  • Tag sets in refine panel should be in alpha order

  • "Update Files" permission issue with tagging on asset detail

  • Expired assets should not be included in Download All OR Download Section for showcase collection links

  • Update Tag Sets Upload/Error Email and Link

  • Fix bug with lambda conversion from PSD without choosing a format

  • Fix bug with asset permalink not clearing after adding new version

  • Fix bug when creating new top level folder from sync/move/copy modal

  • Fix bug when shared folder has long folder names

  • Fix bug with shared asset (quick link) showing weird metadata

  • Fix performance issue with Importing CSV of metadata

  • Fix permission bug with new content owner feature

  • Auto-repair non-latin characters from metadata during creation (create, update, import)

January 28, 2020


Features and Improvements: 

  • Improve performance of deleting a folder with large number of assets

  • Improve asset indexing jobs

  • Improve experience for banner picker (showcase collections)

  • Add "Owner" label to asset sidebar on Asset Detail

  • Add "Content Owner" Add-On Feature

  • Add "Upcoming Expired Assets" add-on Feature

  • Create new email for upcoming expired assets for clients with add-on

  • Add "Hide Expired Assets" Add-On Feature

  • Don't show quick link if expired when client has add-on 

  • Don't show expired assets in folder share when client has add-on

  • Change logic for creating multi-links when client has add-on

  • Don't show expired assets in multi-link when client has add-on 

  • Don't show expired assets in default collection share when client has add-on 

  • Don't show expired assets in showcase collection share when client has add-on 

  • Add support for generating previews for ODP & ODS file types

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed social share image (open graph) for certain shares (stoped working after a while)

  • Quick link embed should not render asset with invalid subdomain

  • Fix bug in application when launched from new window - Uploader would break

January 7, 2020


Improvements and New Features: 

  • Improve mobile experience when selecting assets for Collections & Products

  • Improve upload processing with long filenames

  • Add support for .ODT previews 

  • Auto-expand metadata in Search/Refine when client only has 1 metadata template

  • Proactively show tag sets and tags in new uploader without requiring interaction

  • New Add-on Feature to disable metadata sidebar

  • Support in existing shared views when "Hide Metadata" feature is enabled to hide sidebar on asset detail when not logged in

  • Permalinks to asset details


  • Fix folder tree bug for IE

  • Fix potential stale metadata issue with new uploader

  • Fix bug with selection review screen if asset(s) have been deleted (in another window, or another admin)

  • Fix bug with Metadata Template Delete flow (seemingly no assets, but must transfer them)

  • Fix bug in new uploader when staging more files to upload while an upload is in progress

  • Fix bug preventing ability to cancel staged uploads while upload is in progress

  • Fix bug with Upload More in new uploader when upload is complete

November 13, 2019


Improvements and New Features: 

  • Serve static assets (application CSS/Javascript) through CDN

  • Add generic handler for unknown content-type requests to all views

  • Detect logged out user while new uploader window is active, add messaging and workflow for user to resolve the problem

  • Add ability to update user info (name, email, company) in the API

  • Add tag export feature to Metadata Export UI (Overflow menu on folder in sidebar) 

  • Add “metadata only” feature to Metadata Export UI (skipping quick links speeds up the delivery time of this export)

  • Add the ability to capture and redirect to a full URL during SAML auth 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Improve performance & reliability for new uploader on Windows

  • Resolve API issue preventing exporting to YouTube from working

  • Do not attempt to process quick links on lambda if they’ve been deleted

  • Fix bug with removing collaborator that has been deleted from the system

  • Fix bug with bulk reindex when Collection has been archived or deleted

  • Fix bug with search index failing when asset metadata is too large to process

  • Fix selection bug (prompt) during asset selection for Collection

  • Fix bug with upload link causing exception if the link is expired

  • Reduce lamba failures with alpha detection

  • Fix bug with Box folder import when folder has invalid chars

  • Fix bug with misaligned flash message

  • Improve reliability with new web uploader when changing metadata templates

  • Fix synced copy bug with Limited Admin user

  • Fix bug with archived collections not having activities (audit) tracked

  • Fix bug with Tags & Expiration Date labels becoming misaligned after editing asset metadata on Asset Detail

  • Fix bug with permanently deleted metadata terms causing audit logs to break

  • Fix z-index issue on Free Trial with Asset Upload in progress

  • Fix AI > PNG conversion issue when AI has multiple layers (lambda only)

  • Fix bug with multi-link download when a selected file has been deleted

  • Fix bug with suspended view when not logged in causing an infinite redirect

  • Fix bug with “click area” on Asset Detail overflow menu being misaligned

  • Improve reliability of Lambda processing with automatic retrying and quicker completion processing

  • Fix JavaScript bug in IE 11 with new uploader

October 22, 2019



  • Confirm closing uploader (new uploader) popout if it was just launched and the files aren’t finished staging yet

  • Ensure “Replace Thumbnail” only allows web-friendly images to be uploaded such as jpegs, pngs, and gifs 

  • Import performance and delivery time of asset expiration notices

  • Add user export report for admins

  • Limit previews to files that are 2 MB or less in new uploader (if they support preview)

  • Improve post-upload processing performance and reliability

  • Only generate file previews in new uploader when file is visible to increase uploader performance

Bug fixes: 

  • Make sure to use CDN for embeds with custom URL

  • Improve support in new uploader for Internet Explorer 11

  • Allow searching for tags with parenthesis and comma in tag name

  • Fix translation issue on Admin Audit report for collections actions

  • Fix display bug with selection preview for empty folders

  • Fix Box integration import and login issues

  • Import reliability when dragging large files/videos into library when new uploader is turned on

October 3, 2019


New Features:

  • Show count of number of users in the table view of Permissions (Client Admins only)

  • Add ability to filter download reports by user and range of days

  • Add confirmation modal for archiving/restoring collections

  • Add status indicators on collections for Expired

  • Improve Quick Links API endpoint to respond with more accurate responses, helps API consumers resolve issues with their requests

Bug fixes: 

  • Improve UX managing metadata in new web uploader

  • Fix issue with multi-link report link taking the user to an asset link page

  • Fix issue with overflow menu on asset detail not working when clicked from certain destinations

  • Fix issue with getting stuck on a collection detail screen when clicking from certain destinations

  • Fix issue with new “upload” overlay showing up when you drag a file onto the asset detail screen

  • Fix issue with “login” link on share views (when not logged in) linking you to an internal library URL

  • Fix bug with API responses that generated URLs (quick links, for example) that only worked if the request was on the client subdomain (as opposed to

  • Fix issue with Admin dropdowns in main nav breaking back button behavior in browser

  • Fix issue with Free Trial bar (bottom of screen) covering up the Upload Status bar during uploads

  • Fix XSS vulnerability for specially crafted filenames during upload in the new uploader and “add a new version”

August 27, 2019


New features: 

  • Support for Video IPTC fields to mappable metadata


  • Messaging for Windows browsers using new Web Uploader

  • Asset versioning improvements on Asset Detail sidebar

  • List files added/removed/versioned in Collection Follower notification email

  • Add OpenGraph meta tags to all shared views

  • Re-add support for trailing wildcards in filename on metadata import 

  • Email API consumer when importing asset from URL fails instead of raising an internal exception

  • Surface application error messaging to client when upload issues occur in new web uploader

  • Improve load time for JavaScript, snappier application feel

  • Daily and accurate client storage usage reporting

  • Stop importing zero byte files

  • Add support for creating tags and expirations dates on API upload

  • Update 3 core metadata terms (now Description, Title/Caption, Rights/Usage)

Bugs fixes: 

  • Fix Account Settings duplication link issue

  • Fix “Add to bucket” bug with Collections

  • Fix search bug when bulk changing metadata terms

  • Fix issue on mobile with Account Settings (master user)

  • Fix new web uploader issue on metadata tab on mobile

  • Fix new web uploader issue on expiration date on mobile

  • Fix order of metadata templates list on new web uploader

  • Fix misaligned uploader icon when new web uploader enabled

  • Resolve “new desktop uploader hangs at 99%” issues

  • Fix issue with upload files in different folders that have the same name

  • Fix issue with uploading more than 100 files (Chrome)

  • Fix issue with duplicate tag and tag set issues in new web uploader

August 5, 2019

New features: 

  • Show mappable IPTC fields as a select list instead of an input box

  • Add support to visualize PNG previews with “checkered background”


  • Surface upload errors in new Web Uploader

  • Add client subdomain to Users #auth API endpoint for external URL generation

  • Improved usability in new Web Uploader

  • Make CDN embed links retroactively available once a client has the feature enabled 

  • Add support to generate previews (thumbnail, not PDF) of Apple Keynotes, Pages, & Numbers 

  • Add support in New Folder form for commas and other symbols

  • Improved messaging when viewing shared archived collections

  • Block API uploads of files of zero bytes

  • Improved error handling in Product API

  • Improved performance of asset renaming

Bug fixes: 

  • Fix bug with not prompting download restrictions when using a single-select

  • Fix bug with folder renaming when using non Latin characters in the new name

  • Fix bug in Safari when closing the popout uploading window with new Web Uploader

  • Fix display issue on mobile/small resolutions in new Web Uploader

  • Do not show Keywords tab in new Web Uploader if client plan does not have the feature

  • Fix bug with Metadata not showing by default on small screens (non-mobile)

  • Fix bug with quick link generation failure when a height is provided but a width is not

  • Limit quick link generation in API to only creating JPG or PNG

  • Fix bug with download link in Asset Usage sidebar on Asset Detail

  • Fix preview creator from failing when invoked more than once for the same job

  • Fix bug with bulk metadata updates from Search results

  • Fix API bug in Metadata #terms to support single-select terms

  • Improve success rate of preview content generation for new client signups

  • Improve success rate for regenerating previews during Copy

  • Fix API bug that prevented metadata from being saved during Upload File from URL endpoint

  • Fix formatting issues with Upload Agreement copy for Upload Links

  • Improve performance of updating metadata in a selection

  • Fix stale content issue in metadata on shared assets

  • Fix issue with pagination controls not working in shared Collection view

  • Fix link color issue in Reporting Emails

July 10, 2019


New Features


  • Fix bug with managing tags via the API

  • Disable asset detail editing while updates are in progress

  • Fix animation bug when switching between list and grid view in library

  • Improve preview creation handler

  • Fix quick link default purpose generation when filename is missing

May 15, 2019


New Features

  • Improve box import handling for files and folders

  • Improve error handling and messaging for SSO login

  • Added month and year dropdown menus to date picker in asset sharing modal

Bug Fixes

  • Improve performance of Import Keywords jobs when running multiple keyword imports on the same folder

  • Fix bug when renaming an asset with a PDF preview that resulted in that preview being lost

  • Fix UI bug on permission provisioning screen for basic permission types when sub folder administration

  • Fix bug when renaming an asset. Do not allow multiple renaming processes to run at the same time, which can result in misnamed assets and previews

  • Fixes bug when downloading an asset version changes the URL and can break the back button

April 25, 2019

  • Fix issue with asset renaming failing for large files (>5GB)

  • Improve support for transcoding large videos (>5GB)

  • Fix download button issue in Firefox/Safari in Download Terms Acceptance modal

  • Improve performance of keyword removal, greatly speeds up removing keywords when many (tens of thousands) of assets need to be updated.

  • Ensure CSV metadata imports happen one at a time, per folder.

  • Improve failed job automatic retrying.

  • Truncate long filenames in the attachments modal (update, download).

  • Replace non-latin characters in folder and file names (web upload, API, folder imports) with dashes. Temporary fix to ensure uploads work, until we can support non-latin characters in folder and file names.

April 3, 2019


  • Back by popular demand --> you can once again Sync Files to multiple folders at once!

  • We've added month and year dropdowns to the Expiration Date picker, so setting a date that is far into the future is much easier now.

  • Display the asset Expiration Date on the thumbnail-view and list-view

  • Ability to filter users by Company and Email in Active Users admin 

  • We've put a limit of 10k rows on metadata CSV imports, allowing CSVs to import faster and with fewer failures that are usually caused by larger CSVs. 

  • [API] Add ability to filter files by last updated date to Files API endpoint

  • [BUG] Previously, when using filters in the library, and navigating to another page of results, the window did not scroll to top as. We've fixed this.

March 5, 2019


  • Added feature to display attached file previews if the file was nested, otherwise display a file-type placeholder

  • Add better error handling to remotely processed assets

  • [API] Update API upload endpoint to return two different success status codes depending on whether or note more file chunks are expected (see API documentation for more details)

  • [BUG] Fix UI bugs in download modals

  • [BUG] Fix bug when downloading a GIF file as converted PNG

  • [BUG] Fix UI bug when folder is created from a copy/sync/move modal via search pages

  • [BUG] Fix UI bug when downloading attached files - if file download doesn't require an email, it no longer asks for one.

  • [BUG] Fix bug for clients that have remote asset processing turned on, videos were not being queued properly

  • [BUG] Fix color profile management in certain TIFF images when converting for quick link

February 14, 2019


  • You may have noticed that when you share a single asset (vs. multiple assets) the metadata isn't shared with it. Metadata is now shared on all share links. 

  • If you are navigating to a new page in the library, you'll see that you're no longer stuck at the bottom of the page. 

  • [BUG] The Uploads/month and Downloads/month graphs were showing inconsistent numbers -- we've fixed this!

  • [BUG] Some images uploaded with an RGB color-profile were showing a preview with colors that were looking a little dull, and not true to the real image. We've resolved this issue, and your previews should display as expected. 

January 22, 2019


  • Walked away without clearing your selection? If you make another selection after a period of inactivity you'll be given the option to add your selection to the existing selection or start a new one.

  • Upon deleting a user, you will now have to transfer all of their share-links to another user before deletion, instead of potentially being lost forever.

January 8, 2019


  • [API] Uploading file API endpoint will return an error with message when a client runs out of storage. Previously the application raised an exception (HTTP 500) and the end-user had no course of action to resolve the issue.

  • [BUG] Fix issue with the API returning deleted File Types.

  • [BUG] Fix issue with not being able to scroll through roles options when inviting or editing users. Only applicable to clients with a large number of roles.

  • [BUG] Fix issue with "frozen" screen after deleting an asset from the asset detail-page.

  • [BUG] Fix issue with incorrect file count displaying on some selection bar actions.

  • [BUG] Fixed a bug that would prevent users on mobile devices from opening the hamburger navigation.

December 7, 2018


  • If you've uploaded a PDF in the past couple weeks, you may have noticed that the thumbnail previews weren't showing up like they usually do. Good news: our engineers have tracked down this issue and remedied it!

December 5, 2018


  • Our current "copy" feature has been rebranded to Synced File. Don't worry, the feature remains the same and all of your previous copies will live on as Synced Files.

  • We've added a true Copy feature. You can now create a copy that is not linked to the original asset. Additionally, the metadata, tags, and IPTC information can be copied over to the new file if you'd like.

  • Improvements to our Remove feature to include more explicit descriptions of what will be removed when removing assets.

  • You can now filter all the assets you have uploaded or created, using the new Created by Me filter. Hint: use this with the date picker filter to target uploads you've made within a certain timeframe.

  • When a user is deleted we will now preserve user-created content for 30-days in case the client admin would like to recover the user and their related content (like Share Links). 

  • [API] Our API has been updated to support our new Copy feature

  • [API] Add authentication endpoint to API to verify user credentials independent of fetching data

  • [API] Added pagination support to folder children API endpoint. API documentation has also been updated

November 13, 2018


  • You should see thumbnail previews processing and appearing a bit quicker now -- we've moved this job to a new higher priority queue

  • Add SSO certificate validation to SSO Settings page, both for new SSO clients and existing, to make sure the pasted certificate is x509 PEM format. Will help IT admins in resolving SSO problems much quicker, also reducing time needed with Image Relay support.

  • In the email for emailed downloads, we forgot to mention that the Share Link expires in 24hrs -- we've updated that email. 

October 30, 2018


  • Add better error handling to API endpoint for creating assets by URL, so that the API consumer can see error messages rather than a generic 500 error.

  • Track file upload and process completion times so we can run reporting on average asset processing time

  • [bug fix] When we attempt to extract the IPTC data from a newly uploaded asset, it can sometimes fail. That is ok since not all files have extractable IPTC data. There was a bug in our job that was considering this use-case a true failure and raising an exception. This task fixes that problem.

  • [bug fix] the Audit Log was displaying the event of changing the Asset Profile as HTML - this has been removed

October 18, 2018


  • Cannot re-use custom URLs on share links (even after expired or deleted)

  • All converted downloads of single assets larger than 100mb now emailed to user

  • Improved rendering of SVG previews

  • Improved "Client Terms" modal for mobile experience

  • Re-add "Update Expiration Date" to selection bar menu

  • More reliable metadata captured on newly uploaded assets

  • When creating an asset profile with duplicate terms - an exception is currently raised. This fixes that issue by adding validation so that the user doesn't see an error page.

  • Better feedback in bulk tags modal when an error occurs

  • [bug fix] - Fix single Copy remove modal so you can remove individual copies

  • [bug fix] - Suppress Keep Selections/Clear Selections modal when using search/filters in library

October 2, 2018


  • If a user attempts to leave the Library or Collections with an active selection, display a modal to the user so that they can keep their selections or clear them.

  • If a user leaves the application with an active selection, display a modal to the user when they return to Image Relay so that they can keep their selections or clear them.

  • Removing the file extension while updating the file names can break the file (mp4) and the preview // updated so that the user can only edit the file name (and the extension isn't editable, remains as-is)

  • Update thumbnail menu on folders to match folder tree menu

  • Improve error handling around various SSO endpoints, show relevant errors on the error page rather than generic 500 response. Helpful for IT staff setting up SSO for their client portal

  • Detect IPTC extraction failures, retry processing for some cases, and silently fail when extraction is a true failure

  • Improve load times of the IR Admin Dashboard, helps prevent locked up frontend workers which could impact everyone

  • Sometimes reindexing a catalog can fail. This job has been ported to our newer job class and added retry logic

  • This job was failing intermittently on a Tesseract error which means there's an issue w/ the file we can't deal with. Let's just let the job die and not fill up our failed job queue

  • Update the Basecamp2 import feature to work with their updated API.

  • Patch our asset link generator to work better around race conditions, less unexplained failures with bad asset links

September 24, 2018


  • Selection Bar now pushes content down when it appears (instead of covering up the top nav), and is sticky as user scrolls down the page.

  • On the Selection Bar --> add the ability to quickly get to the Selection Review page (eye icon) or "Clear Selections"

  • User can now take bulk actions from the Selection Review page (all options in the Selection bar have been added)

  • On the Selection Review page --> Show the name of the the folder the asset was selected from

  • Add a "Done" button to the Share Modal, so that this modal can clear a user's selections. Now all bulk actions (Download, Share, etc..) taken on a selection will clear the selection once the action is executed.

  • Separate out Copy and Move to their own modals, and as separate options on all applicable menus

  • Add webhook notification support for multiple recipients

  • Improve efficiency of processing new uploads

  • Improve UploadJob API endpoint to provide developers with more information when their upload fails

  • Truncate IPTC fields that exceed 255 characters so that IPTC fields with inputs longer than 255 do not prevent other IPTC fields from displaying.

  • Box integration fix - Chrome updates broke our Box integration when sending files and folders from box to IR. We have fixed the issue that was caused by redirecting to non http:// urls within the box iframe, and sending selection to Box redirects.

  • Fix issue where downloading from a shared collection redirects to a login page if not logged in

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