Full previews are available within Image Relay for nearly all of the most popular image, video, audio and working file formats. In the list below, you will find all of the file formats as well as the maximum size that will preview. Image Relay can store larger files, but it is not guaranteed that a preview will render it if is exceeds the size listed below. 

Please note that if we do not support preview for a specific file type that you use, you can still store it on Image Relay to download and share. You can also create or update a thumbnail preview for any file on the system. If you have a file that is listed below and within the correct size range but it is not showing a preview, use this article to troubleshoot the issue. 

Image Files

Working Files

Video Files

Audio Files

Raw Camera Files

* For files larger than 350mb, please contact sales. We can process PSD, PSB, AI, & TIFF files up to 8 GB with additional plan features.

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