The Customize Email capability is for the ENTERPRISE PLAN only. You must be the Master Admin to access this feature.

You can customize several emails that are automatically sent out via your Image Relay account - sometimes referred to as 'white labelling.' This allows more control over your brand message. YOu may customize the New User notification email, the New User Invitation email, New User Registration confirmation email, and the Password Reset email.

To make changes to these emails;

  1. Go to Admin.

  2. Click on Account Settings.

  3. Click on Customize Emails.

     4. Next, choose the email you would like to personalize by clicking Edit

From here you may customize the email; the subject line and body text, add your logo, links to your social media accounts, etc.

On the left is a list of ShortCodes to easily insert the user's email, name, or login name. Preview what you have created by clicking Preview.

The top navigation bar includes font, color, the ability to indent, or insert an image, to create the appearance you wish.
      5. Save when finished.

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