Collections are a way for you to group images and documents for your personal use. You can collaborate between users if desired. There are a couple ways to create a new collection.
You can even customize collections further with our themed collection. Check out more info on those here.  

Creating a Collection on-the-fly:

  1. Select the files you want to add to a collection.
  2. Click the Add to Collection button in the top selection bar that appears.
  3. You can select from a few of the recent collections you have touched last or create a new collection

Creating a collection from the My Collections page:

  1. Go to the My Collections page at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on New Collection in the left hand navigation.  
  3. Give it a name and click Create Collection
  4. Start adding files once you have created that collection by clicking on the Add Files button in the upper left corner. 

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