Basic Search

Use the search box located at the top right portion of the screen.
A basic text search of the library automatically searches:

Added descriptive metadata
Embedded IPTC info
Folder names
The indexed content of all documents (.pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls, etc.)
And the filename. NB, we also index partial match on the filenames (e.g. build and building will return buildings.jpg).*

All assets with the text you added into the search box will be returned. Those with more hits (the searched-for text appearing multiple times) will be listed at the top of your search, indicating Relevance.

Refinement Tools

You can use the Refine button under the search box to bring back content in the Library by sorting by the different options.  

More on refinement tools here.

Once a search or refinement is made you can also sort your results by:
Modified (most recently updated)

Handy tip: you can also search by file format, e.g. search for .pdf and all the .pdf files on the site will be returned.

*Wildcard searching is additionally activated on filename components when hyphens separate the components; e.g london-buildings.jpg will now be returned on a search of build or building. Moreover, there is a body of recent work about the human visibility of filenames with hyphens as opposed to underscores.  Hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in your URLs also allow better SEO and other types of indexing on the WWW, and so are a generally held best practice.

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