Our refine tool provides a number of useful criteria for narrowing your universe of files into smaller, easier-to-use selections. We’ve made a number of improvements that let you refine by:

  • File format - Do you need to find web-ready photos for a new website launch? Image Relay works with any file format and you can quickly filter by file type - images, documents, videos - it doesn’t matter, you’ll get the ones you need fast. 
  • Tags - How do you find photos of your new product? Of course you can keep all of those in a dedicated folder but you can also add tags to each photo. Tag them how you life and bring them all together by filtering by tag, no matter where the files live in your folders. 
  • Dates - Want to see the newest files, or maybe you want to see files from last year’s holiday campaign? Quickly filter to find files uploaded in the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last month, or in any custom date range you choose. 
  • Orientation - Does your company have a bunch of logo types? Whether they’re horizontal, vertical, or stacked, you can quickly narrow your files down to find the right one. 
  • Color - You’re running a new campaign and need images that will match well with a green border, how do you find images with the right color balance? Image Relay automatically identifies the predominant color of each file, making it easy for your team to filter and find the right file. 

You can refine the entire Library or a specific folder that you need. You can even whittle down search results with the refinement tools.  

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