Use Keyword Sets to organize your keywords and tags.

  1. Click the Admin drop down menu in the upper navigation bar.
  2. Click Keywording.
  3. Click Create Keyword Set on the upper right hand side of the table.
  4. Name the keyword set.
  5. Type out the keywords/tags you wish to add.
  6. Click Add Keyword after each one to add that keyword/tag to the set.
  7. Click Save.

These Keyword Sets will help users to search for relevant content in the keyword search fields by auto-completing, as well as help when adding terms to fields on Upload, in the Details view or bulk operations.

Each of the registered keywords can be used as Tags on the system as well - to relate files together. 

Alternatively, you may work collaboratively off-line with your team and create a CSV spreadsheet of Keyword Sets to upload en masse.

Click the Export button to have your current Keyword Sets emailed to you.

Once your document is complete, use the Import button and Browse to select your spreadsheet to import.

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