In addition to adding metadata through your library portal, you can also import metadata from a CSV document and associate that info with your files. This is commonly used when onboarding to Image Relay from other systems, or performing mass updates.

  1. In the folder tree navigation bar to the left find the relevant folder you wish to update. 
  2. Click the arrow to reveal the dropdown menu and choose Import Keywords
  3. Browse and choose the CSV file you would like to upload from your local machine. There is an option to Overwrite Existing metadata in the files. Make sure you carefully consider what is already in the system before choosing to overwrite.
  4. Click Import, and your metadata will be associated with the files. You will receive an email once this is complete.

If you are using a Excel Document to compile the metadata, you will need to format that document as a CSV file before importing to Image Relay.  The CSV should be formatted as UTF-8 with column headings that match your File Type fields (Description, Date, etc) 

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