1) Communicate with your Image Relay librarian who can turn on the WebDam Migration option in your library.  

2) Export metadata from WebDam.

  • Admins will have the ability to EXPORT METADATA from inside Webdam. Others will need to contact their internal admin, or their WebDam representative and request a metadata export via csv.  A file titled AssetMetadatabyFolder_.zip will then be sent to you. 
  • Your Image Relay librarian can work with you to import this metadata once the asset migration has occurred.

3) Move your files from WebDam

  • You will need to contact your WebDam rep to get the WebDam Client ID (your client ID# inside their system, a key you will not usually know), as well as a WebDam Client Secret. Both of these will be needed, in addition to a WebDam account on your library to complete the migration.
  • IMPORTANT: Edit your permission in WebDam to only keep visible those assets you want to migrate. 
  • Visit the Master Admin Account Settings tab in your Image Relay library to enter the WebDam credentials.  The moment you click MIGRATE, assets will be start to be copied from WebDam, in their folder structure, to a new parent level folder in your Image Relay library titled WEBDAM IMPORT. 

4) Reassociate your metadata with your files in Image Relay

  • Match the customizable field names in your Image Relay metadata template with your WebDam metadata fields and import the CSV file of metadata to populate the fields associated with all your files.  Further reading.

5) Schedule an Information Services review

  • Pick a time that works with your schedule and speak to a librarian at Image Relay to review our features.
  • This interview will cover your use cases, potential training for your team, and sharing of best practices.
  • Depending on the complexity of use cases you envision, Image Relay can have you migrated in a matter of days or weeks rather than months.
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