July 10, 2019

New Features


  • Fix bug with managing tags via the API
  • Disable asset detail editing while updates are in progress
  • Fix animation bug when switching between list and grid view in library
  • Improve preview creation handler
  • Fix quick link default purpose generation when filename is missing

May 15, 2019

New Features

  • Improve box import handling for files and folders
  • Improve error handling and messaging for SSO login
  • Added month and year dropdown menus to date picker in asset sharing modal

Bug Fixes

  • Improve performance of Import Keywords jobs when running multiple keyword imports on the same folder
  • Fix bug when renaming an asset with a PDF preview that resulted in that preview being lost
  • Fix UI bug on permission provisioning screen for basic permission types when sub folder administration
  • Fix bug when renaming an asset. Do not allow multiple renaming processes to run at the same time, which can result in misnamed assets and previews
  • Fixes bug when downloading an asset version changes the URL and can break the back button

April 25, 2019

  • Fix issue with asset renaming failing for large files (>5GB)
  • Improve support for transcoding large videos (>5GB)
  • Fix download button issue in Firefox/Safari in Download Terms Acceptance modal
  • Improve performance of keyword removal, greatly speeds up removing keywords when many (tens of thousands) of assets need to be updated.
  • Ensure CSV metadata imports happen one at a time, per folder.
  • Improve failed job automatic retrying.
  • Truncate long filenames in the attachments modal (update, download).
  • Replace non-latin characters in folder and file names (web upload, API, folder imports) with dashes. Temporary fix to ensure uploads work, until we can support non-latin characters in folder and file names.

April 3, 2019


  • Back by popular demand --> you can once again Sync Files to multiple folders at once!
  • We've added month and year dropdowns to the Expiration Date picker, so setting a date that is far into the future is much easier now.
  • Display the asset Expiration Date on the thumbnail-view and list-view
  • Ability to filter users by Company and Email in Active Users admin 
  • We've put a limit of 10k rows on metadata CSV imports, allowing CSVs to import faster and with fewer failures that are usually caused by larger CSVs. 
  • [API] Add ability to filter files by last updated date to Files API endpoint
  • [BUG] Previously, when using filters in the library, and navigating to another page of results, the window did not scroll to top as. We've fixed this.

March 5, 2019


  • Added feature to display attached file previews if the file was nested, otherwise display a file-type placeholder
  • Add better error handling to remotely processed assets
  • [API] Update API upload endpoint to return two different success status codes depending on whether or note more file chunks are expected (see API documentation for more details)
  • [BUG] Fix UI bugs in download modals
  • [BUG] Fix bug when downloading a GIF file as converted PNG
  • [BUG] Fix UI bug when folder is created from a copy/sync/move modal via search pages
  • [BUG] Fix UI bug when downloading attached files - if file download doesn't require an email, it no longer asks for one.
  • [BUG] Fix bug for clients that have remote asset processing turned on, videos were not being queued properly
  • [BUG] Fix color profile management in certain TIFF images when converting for quick link

February 14, 2019


  • You may have noticed that when you share a single asset (vs. multiple assets) the metadata isn't shared with it. Metadata is now shared on all share links. 
  • If you are navigating to a new page in the library, you'll see that you're no longer stuck at the bottom of the page. 
  • [BUG] The Uploads/month and Downloads/month graphs were showing inconsistent numbers -- we've fixed this!
  • [BUG] Some images uploaded with an RGB color-profile were showing a preview with colors that were looking a little dull, and not true to the real image. We've resolved this issue, and your previews should display as expected. 

January 22, 2019


  • Walked away without clearing your selection? If you make another selection after a period of inactivity you'll be given the option to add your selection to the existing selection or start a new one.
  • Upon deleting a user, you will now have to transfer all of their share-links to another user before deletion, instead of potentially being lost forever.

January 8, 2019


  • [API] Uploading file API endpoint will return an error with message when a client runs out of storage. Previously the application raised an exception (HTTP 500) and the end-user had no course of action to resolve the issue.
  • [BUG] Fix issue with the API returning deleted File Types.
  • [BUG] Fix issue with not being able to scroll through roles options when inviting or editing users. Only applicable to clients with a large number of roles.
  • [BUG] Fix issue with "frozen" screen after deleting an asset from the asset detail-page.
  • [BUG] Fix issue with incorrect file count displaying on some selection bar actions.
  • [BUG] Fixed a bug that would prevent users on mobile devices from opening the hamburger navigation.

December 7, 2018


  • If you've uploaded a PDF in the past couple weeks, you may have noticed that the thumbnail previews weren't showing up like they usually do. Good news: our engineers have tracked down this issue and remedied it!

December 5, 2018


  • Our current "copy" feature has been rebranded to Synced File. Don't worry, the feature remains the same and all of your previous copies will live on as Synced Files.
  • We've added a true Copy feature. You can now create a copy that is not linked to the original asset. Additionally, the metadata, tags, and IPTC information can be copied over to the new file if you'd like.
  • Improvements to our Remove feature to include more explicit descriptions of what will be removed when removing assets.
  • You can now filter all the assets you have uploaded or created, using the new Created by Me filter. Hint: use this with the date picker filter to target uploads you've made within a certain timeframe.
  • When a user is deleted we will now preserve user-created content for 30-days in case the client admin would like to recover the user and their related content (like Share Links). 
  • [API] Our API has been updated to support our new Copy feature
  • [API] Add authentication endpoint to API to verify user credentials independent of fetching data
  • [API] Added pagination support to folder children API endpoint. API documentation has also been updated

November 13, 2018


  • You should see thumbnail previews processing and appearing a bit quicker now -- we've moved this job to a new higher priority queue
  • Add SSO certificate validation to SSO Settings page, both for new SSO clients and existing, to make sure the pasted certificate is x509 PEM format. Will help IT admins in resolving SSO problems much quicker, also reducing time needed with Image Relay support.
  • In the email for emailed downloads, we forgot to mention that the Share Link expires in 24hrs -- we've updated that email. 

October 30, 2018


  • Add better error handling to API endpoint for creating assets by URL, so that the API consumer can see error messages rather than a generic 500 error.
  • Track file upload and process completion times so we can run reporting on average asset processing time
  • [bug fix] When we attempt to extract the IPTC data from a newly uploaded asset, it can sometimes fail. That is ok since not all files have extractable IPTC data. There was a bug in our job that was considering this use-case a true failure and raising an exception. This task fixes that problem.
  • [bug fix] the Audit Log was displaying the event of changing the Asset Profile as HTML - this has been removed

October 18, 2018


  • Cannot re-use custom URLs on share links (even after expired or deleted)
  • All converted downloads of single assets larger than 100mb now emailed to user
  • Improved rendering of SVG previews
  • Improved "Client Terms" modal for mobile experience
  • Re-add "Update Expiration Date" to selection bar menu
  • More reliable metadata captured on newly uploaded assets
  • When creating an asset profile with duplicate terms - an exception is currently raised. This fixes that issue by adding validation so that the user doesn't see an error page.
  • Better feedback in bulk tags modal when an error occurs
  • [bug fix] - Fix single Copy remove modal so you can remove individual copies
  • [bug fix] - Suppress Keep Selections/Clear Selections modal when using search/filters in library

October 2, 2018


  • If a user attempts to leave the Library or Collections with an active selection, display a modal to the user so that they can keep their selections or clear them.
  • If a user leaves the application with an active selection, display a modal to the user when they return to Image Relay so that they can keep their selections or clear them.
  • Removing the file extension while updating the file names can break the file (mp4) and the preview // updated so that the user can only edit the file name (and the extension isn't editable, remains as-is)
  • Update thumbnail menu on folders to match folder tree menu
  • Improve error handling around various SSO endpoints, show relevant errors on the error page rather than generic 500 response. Helpful for IT staff setting up SSO for their client portal
  • Detect IPTC extraction failures, retry processing for some cases, and silently fail when extraction is a true failure
  • Improve load times of the IR Admin Dashboard, helps prevent locked up frontend workers which could impact everyone
  • Sometimes reindexing a catalog can fail. This job has been ported to our newer job class and added retry logic
  • This job was failing intermittently on a Tesseract error which means there's an issue w/ the file we can't deal with. Let's just let the job die and not fill up our failed job queue
  • Update the Basecamp2 import feature to work with their updated API.
  • Patch our asset link generator to work better around race conditions, less unexplained failures with bad asset links

September 24, 2018


  • Selection Bar now pushes content down when it appears (instead of covering up the top nav), and is sticky as user scrolls down the page.
  • On the Selection Bar --> add the ability to quickly get to the Selection Review page (eye icon) or "Clear Selections"
  • User can now take bulk actions from the Selection Review page (all options in the Selection bar have been added)
  • On the Selection Review page --> Show the name of the the folder the asset was selected from
  • Add a "Done" button to the Share Modal, so that this modal can clear a user's selections. Now all bulk actions (Download, Share, etc..) taken on a selection will clear the selection once the action is executed.
  • Separate out Copy and Move to their own modals, and as separate options on all applicable menus
  • Add webhook notification support for multiple recipients
  • Improve efficiency of processing new uploads
  • Improve UploadJob API endpoint to provide developers with more information when their upload fails
  • Truncate IPTC fields that exceed 255 characters so that IPTC fields with inputs longer than 255 do not prevent other IPTC fields from displaying.
  • Box integration fix - Chrome updates broke our Box integration when sending files and folders from box to IR. We have fixed the issue that was caused by redirecting to non http:// urls within the box iframe, and sending selection to Box redirects.
  • Fix issue where downloading from a shared collection redirects to a login page if not logged in
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