Image Relay allows users to choose from different download resolutions. In this way admins need only upload the highest resolution files - we make 2 down conversions on the fly for you.

Select the file or files you want and click Download. You will then be given some download options.

Details of the default conversions offered by Image Relay:
Original File
- the highest available resolution. This is the original file uploaded to Image Relay.
Screen Ready Image
- 72 dpi RGB JPG sized down to 5"x7" if possible.
Print Ready Image - 300 dpi JPG in color format of original sized down to 8"x10" if possible.

Download resolutions are dependent on your assigned permission. If you are not presented with the Original or Print Ready conversion options, then you have been granted low resolution download access. If you require access to a higher resolution file, please reach out to the main client in the Help section in the upper right.

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