The Desktop Uploader allows you to batch upload entire folder structures at once. Organize your files and folders on your computer, and use the uploader to get it all up there at one time. Your folders will be created while being uploaded so there is no need to create them in your portal beforehand.

You can also access from the browser upload window. There is a Desktop Uploader link under #2 on the list to the left as pictured below which can be found when Uploading via the web.

You will need Adobe Air as well. 

Once you have Adobe Air and the Image Relay Desktop Uploader installed on your machine, Sign In with your Image Relay credentials.

Drag and drop your files or folders into the Uploader window and click Next.

Choose where you would like your upload to land by selecting an existing folder from your Image Relay library and clicking Next.

Next enter metadata for your file. Choose your File Type so that the correct metadata fields are displayed. You can then fill in the information in the file fields.

You have the option to automatically Nest files of the same name but different formats - e.g. logo.psd,, logo.tif - by clicking the check box at the top. Once you are ready, click Start Upload.

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