When a recipient clicks on a shared Upload Link they will be taken to a screen similar to the one below.

The messaging at the top will reflect the Purpose set by the sender, and the sender's email address will also appear.

The uploader can click Browse and pick files from a local or network location, or simply drag and drop them into the upload window.

If using the Chrome web browser, the uploader may drag entire folders and subolders of content into this window, and those folders will be created dynamically on the system after upload.

When you have moved your files into the upload window, you can choose to tag them all at once with captions or keywords. For example, if all images were from an event you might keyword them all "Event2016" under the Bulk Functions column or add the specific date. You can also add descriptions to any single file, perhaps to call out individual people or products in an image. 

Next, click Start Uploading, and you will get a confirmation message similar to below.

The sender of the Upload Link will immediately receive an email telling them how many files were uploaded.

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